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MB Diamond Drilling Ltd provides you with professional wire sawing services. Ideal for cutting large sections of concrete, wire sawing cuts quickly and effectively through most materials with low noise emissions.

Depending on the specific requirements for your job, wire sawing can be applied horizontally, vertically or inverted if necessary, making it one of the most versatile cutting methods in the industry.
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More information on Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is a hydraulic or Electric powered saw, that uses a diamond covered Flexible steel wire or cable ideal for removing large concrete structures and where many other cutting methods are impractical. A beaded diamond blade is threaded though a series of pulleys attached to a drive wheel. The wire is put under tension though the pulling system to cut though the concrete.

The diamond wire can be used to cut vertically or horizontally including angled opening. The wire can be easily extended for unlimited cutting depths.

Diamond wire saws can be operated in confined spaces, they also emit low levels of noise. This method can be used to extract reinforced concrete like; Bridge sections, columns and beams.
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