MB Diamond Drilling

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The Brokk and Husqvarna machines have many attachments and uses ranging from, breakers, crunchers, processors, shears, grapples, buckets and many more. We use the high-tech machinery to make demolition a cleaner and safer job. These machines also minimise pollution, keeps all the operators safe. The brokk and the Husqvarna have a small footprint. T...
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This method is the crunching jaws are placed over the section of concrete which is to be demolished the operator controls this remotely though a device. Pressure is applied as the jaws are closed reducing the material to rubble. This process is classed as a non-percussive procedure. It therefore has no detrimental effect to the surrounding building...
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Diamond stitch drilling is a technique that involves drilling multiple holes which overlap, enabling the formation of openings any shape or size. These could be though materials like reinforced concrete, Stone, Brick or Blockwork.