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Our team provide a dust and vibration free diamond drilling service with low noise output. If required we can visit the site to assess the project, we can work with your project or site manager to scope out the requirements and create a timeline which will help you ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Call MB Diamond Drilling Ltd on 01462 459 991 or complete the form by clicking here, letting us know your requirements.
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More information on Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling is a procedure of core drilling which uses a rotary drill with diamond drill bit attached to create measured holes. Diamonds are hardest naturally occurring material in the world, and therefore perfect for taking out any opening required, though materials including concrete, metal and glass.

A diamond drill is a precision instrument, and creates clean, accurate holes. It is a non-percussive technique. The Diamond Drill runs water through the driving shaft this procedure ensures that the workspace stays free, this process can be operated in either vertical or horizontal angles.

Advantages of Diamond Drilling over conventional drilling, is Diamond Drilling is a more accurate technique, which means there is less chance of damage, which may affect the structural integrity of the building. The equipment is lightweight and portable and can be used where space is an issue.

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