Controlled Demolition / Brokking

Remote Controlled by a Fully Trained Operative

Controlled demolition/Brokking is carried out by a trained operative using a remote control, our state of the art machines allow the operator have a good view from a safe distance when carrying out controlled demolition, also known as 'brokking'.

The Brokk is powered by electric motors which ensures a low noise output, and with the absence of exhaust fumes it makes it ideal for locations where a smoke and fume free setting is needed. Our Brokk machine is able to climb stairs but can also be lifted or hoisted up to a required position. It works harder and faster than operatives using a jackhammer.

We can equip the brokk with concrete crushers, hydraulic breakers, drilling equipment or wall saws. The brokk is able to manoeuvre over uneven surfaces with equipment attached that would usually take a number of operatives to carry, the use of its strong outriggers, give it operational stability. This combination reduces the time required for repositioning.

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Brokking at work

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