Wall Chasing

For the most demanding projects

Wall chasing is where we cut channels into brick, concrete or other hard surfaces, it's a quick and efficient cutting method. Chasing is commonly used for conduits and pipe work up to 100mm, ideal for installing electrical works.

Some of the projects that require us to cut channels into brick are in areas where people are coming and going, so when we're carrying out chasing work we do so in a dust free way so as not to disrupt the coming and goings of others.

We cause minimal disruption to those around us. Our operatives ensure that our chasing work is carefully marked up, and then cut in two slots to the required depth. The centre of the channel is removed with a handheld breaker with a unit extractor attached, to prevent dust from spreading to others in the area.

Talk to us about your requirements and we'll let you know the best solution.

More information on Chasing

This is a hand-held system which is used to cut the concrete service, the blade is sent to a contestant depth that is the same as the chase required.

Cutting takes place alongside dust extraction equipment which captures the dust before it has chance to pollute the area. After the job is completed, other tools like a hammer, breaker or power drill can be used to break the centre piece away.

Diamond floor saws can be used instead of handheld cutters providing there's a lot of chases that require forming in a slab or perhaps the concrete is too hard or deeper chases are needed.

Please contact us with any Chasing enquiries